animation 101

This section will give a brief overview of the animation process.
Creating animated content can be compared to building a house in many ways. First, we decide what the house is going to look like (reference images + style frames). Next, we give the house a good foundation and rough in the walls (storyboards/boardomatic). 

Much like building a house, once we get past one stage it can be difficult (and often costly) to go back to a previous stage and make changes.



The first stage in our development process involves our director sourcing relevant visual references and writing a treatment describing how he/she sees the film unfolding.


Once we've discussed the visual references and overall idea for the story, it's time for our designers to dive in. At this stage, we'll design style frames for one or two scenes, as well as roughly storyboard the story.



In this stage, we'll take the individual storyboards and edit them together with either a scratch voiceover track. 
From this, we'll all be able to gauge overall pacing and timings of the individual scenes. While this is happening, we'll most likely be designing production style frames for each scene, which is what we use to actually animate. We'll replace our boardomatic shots with the designed style frames, giving us our animatic and putting us in good shape to begin animation.