Welcome Nicole Salm.

We’re happy and proud to announce our new partner in crime Nicole Salm!

Through the past 10 years, we’ve been lucky to have Nicole in our lives as a coworker & close friend, and we’re thrilled to now have her on board with The FCC. She brings incredible experience from her career in both editorial & animation production, as well as in sales & strategy. Having met at Transistor Studios, we spent years working together before all heading our separate work ways.  Most recently at simpatico. for the past 4 years, Nicole has a well-earned reputation as friendly, helpful, knowledgeable & damn adorable.  Her support over the past couple of years, as we started this company, was both professional and personal, and it made her the perfect person to collaborate with as we redefine the company for 2015. 

Nicole, we are honored to be working with you again- your energy, insight & genuine nature are inspiring. Cheers to new collaborations with old friends, we adore you Nicole!