Why Charleston?

While we have offices in both New York City and Charleston, Andrea and I spend most of our time down south. Why? We decided about three years ago that we wanted to get out of NYC with our then 2 year old, and so started looking for the "perfect" spot.

These are a few of the reasons we chose Charleston:

Condé Nast has ranked Charleston the Number 1 US City four years in a row, and second only to Florence, Italy in their international readers poll. This stat was kind of where it all began for us. Me being from Martha's Vineyard, I do however take issue with them ranking nearby Kiawah Island as the Number 1 Island in the US.

The Beach. I grew up by the beach, and Charleston has three awesome beaches less than 20 minutes from downtown.

The Food. There are tons of awesome restaurants + chefs here. Husk consistently gets ranked one of the best restaurants in the US, and there are loads of other really great places.

The Downtown. Charleston has done a really great job preserving its antebellum past, while managing the explosive growth its seen in the past few years. The downtown is really sweet, quiet and full of interesting things like pirate alley and walking ghost tours.

The Artistic Community. There are tons of creative people down here, doing interesting work. Charleston has a handful of really good art museums/galleries, and hosts Spoleto USA, one of the pre-eminent classical music festivals in the States.

Lots of Other Reasons. There are tons of other things to really like about the area, but I don't want to go on forever. If you haven't been, come check it out!