The Rite of Spring.

Spring has fully sprung in Charleston.
It's 81 here today (sorry NY friends) and the sun is shining.

Given it's also the 100th-ish anniversary of the Rite of Spring (technically 102nd anniversary, at this point), I put together a playlist of two of my very favorite recordings of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring.

Lots of people know the stories of its first performances in Paris, when the avant-garde nature of the music and choreography "caused a sensation and near-riot in the audience" <------ Wikipedia!

Stravinsky used The Rite of Spring to experiment with rhythm, tonality and dissonance, and the primal feel of the score was a rejection of the the Romanticism of the 1800s. Music historian and writer Jay Grout said of it: "(The Rite) is undoubtably the most famous composition of the early 20th had the effect of an explosion that so scattered the elements of musical language that they could never again be put together as before."

So here are the two recordings- one by Leonard Bernstein + the London Symphony, the other by the modern jazz combo The Bad Plus (hat tip to Andrew Linsk for first introducing me to them):


The Rite of Spring Spotify Playlist