From Microfiche to Minecraft.

I grew up in Washington DC. Spent my childhood shooting a lot of photos, playing a lot of video games, and reading a lot of sci fi while working in my mom’s independent bookstore. High school revolved around Bad Brains, getting interested in architecture, and hanging out at Ft. Reno. Around that time I started working at a small bookstore attached to an art gallery, which introduced me to incredible artist monographs, the ‘zine scene, and Heavy Metal Parking Lot.

After living in Philadelphia and San Francisco, I settled down in Brooklyn and opened Invisible Light Network. Still love photography. Spend free time with my family and playing Minecraft with my son Asa. Haven’t worked at a bookstore in years, but I still get nostalgic for the microfiche catalog.

Elliot Blanchard
Founder/Creative Director of Invisible Light Network


Elliot's Childhood Home:

Elliot's Childhood Home.